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Modern House Plans with Opened Living Rooms and Spaces in Australia

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modern house plans - outdoorModern house plans are the most favorite home designs that offer a fresh look and cozy environment, the basic concept in designing a modern house plan is figured-out with the right combining in both materials and the furniture that we want to use. Based on those ideas, this two-story building was inspiring a lot of people around the world. Using natural materials, this open eco green home was the right choice. I think that this is one of the best unique house plans.

modern house plans - interior living room, kitchen and dining room

modern house plans - master bedroom designsCome from the front of the open gate of this house, we’ll get a beautiful swimming pool include with a small garden (and an additional round waterfall) and an open-air perched with a set of the armchair. This garden and swimming pool design were inspirited from the sustainability of nature. Along with a small beautiful garden, we can enjoy a place where we can welcome our guests with a set of comfortable sofa. Continue with contemporary wood stairs, we’ll found an open-air balcony completed with a small garden on the right side and beautiful scenery around the house.

On another side of this floor, we’ll see the multifunction room which is contained with a big comfortable living room and a joining place between an open-air kitchen and an indoor and outdoor dining room. Based on the concept of ultra-modern house plans, almost all of the room in this house was completed by wooden floor plan designs. Continuing in the main bedroom for the, we’ll found a work desk join with this private room. Come along this room, we can found the separate washbasin with different places for both bathtub and shower. Completed for this review, we’ll include some pictures from this modern house interior design. via

modern house wooden floor plans

modern house plans - home office and furniture


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