Courtroom modern interior design - judge room

Gerald Treece Courtroom Interior Design of South Texas College of Law

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courtroom interior design - entrance doorThis is a design of a courtroom of the future at the school,  the new Fred Parks Law Library at South Texas College of Law. This adaptive reuse project converted the old library facility into a 4,000-square-foot mock court facility. The new facility incorporates features consistent with new courts facilities of major cities, including state-of-the-art technology. This courtroom complex is the heart of the law school, named in honor of the Dean Treece, who established the college’s national reputation. via
courtroom interior design - main room

Courtroom modern interior design - judge roomThe interior of the courtroom is designed based on modern and fresh look shape, look at the lighting system, ceiling, flooring and seating arrangement! all of the things on this court room looks so modern and fresh. Completed with a large plasma TV that installed on the front stage make this courtroom looks convenience when the courts are being carried out.

courtroom interior design - LCD Projector

courtroom interior design - audience seating

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