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Bakery Shop, Fashion Boutique and Store Designs of Inly’s Projects

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Japanese modern store interior design - be natural bakery shopAfter I came across of Inly’s website, I think that it’s great to share you their projects, the projects include restaurant, dining, bar, cafe, coffee shop, bakery shop, apparel boutique, and hair style salon. All of the projects are designed using modern interior decorating ideas, just take a look on the pictures below and above. The fist picture is the “Be Natural”, a bakery shop with white and brown wood flooring. The simple decoration and the glass at the table make this bakery shop looks clean and hygienist.

Japanese modern fashion store interior design - alternative

Japanese modern bags store interior design - FumiyaBoutiques become an important places when we buy apparel, bags, shoes or another gift.  Above pictures are the ‘alternative’ fashion store and the ‘Fumiya’ bags store. It’s important to considering much in designing of lighting and lamp inspiration. A dark store can reduce the brightness of the products. Just enjoy these bakery shop design, fashion and bag shop and another stores that created and designed by inly.Japanese modern fashion boutique store interior design - disiac

Japanese modern fashion boutique store interior design - un dix cors

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