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Modern Home Interior Design in Minimalist Style

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Modern Home Interior Design in minimalistMinimalist interior design was one of a popular term in home design several years ago, but today it seems become a popular again in home design, a  minimalist interior design scheme doesn’t need to be stark and cold, it just need a simple decoration while still keeping the function of the room. In order to maximize the spacious of any room, some interior home decorator try to compacting as well as the room with minimalist design, but to keep the trend, a minimalist interior always be combined as well as to get a modern look. So, it become a modern minimalist designs theme. The new look for minimalist interior design is a softer look, more personal and easier to live with. Yes, you can have a real life, or even kids, and go for a minimalist look in your home!

Every body who loves a minimalistic interior design should know that to designing a minimalist room, there are several kind things that should be well organized in order to get a minimalist interior but still convenience and functional. Keeping your house ‘spick and span’ and clutter free can be hard work, there’s no two ways about it. But your reward will be worth it! A minimalist interior design scheme is a very simple, relaxing style, which will bring an air of real tranquility to your home – but it has a great, cutting-edge, contemporary feel too, so firstly you should know much things before designing your minimalist home interior.

modern home interior - clean lines- minimalist

Home interior design in the modern world is achieved by clean lines and spaces. Modern design also takes pride in simplicity and elegance, while staying free of the frills and extravagance that the design styles of previous decades are known for. The furniture and ornamental pieces used in modern home interior design are very simple and come in geometric shapes. The appliances and furniture are mainly made from stainless steel, glass, plastic and leather. Wood elements may also serve as a nice addition to modern interior (e.g. the rich, dark tones of walnut and mahogany will soften the atmosphere and complement the coldness of metal and other modern materials).

No modern home interior design is complete without metallic elements. Though today stainless steel is the most popular choice because of its relatively low cost, brushed nickel cabinet handles and chrome floor lamps are also very popular. Color is another important consideration for a more modern interior. Though neutral colors are the best choice in fulfilling this style of design, you can also create some drama by adding contrasts.

Here are several elements that you can separately design and planning to apply into your interior decorating ideas.

minimalist furniture


Furniture have an important role in getting a modern-minimalist looks interior, choose something simple and classy for your minimalist interior design look. Plain, modern-looking furniture is ideal – in natural wood (especially dark wood), dark leather, white or bright colors, or chrome, glass, mirror and stainless steel. Low level furniture will help with the modern look and minimalist feel in your room, as it is much less bulky!

Walls and Color Decorating Ideas

After deciding and choosing the best furniture for your minimalist room (of course it is a minimalist furniture too), wall and colors choice are the next big things that should be planning well. White has got to be the ultimate color for any self-respecting minimalist scheme. But, you can opt for a softer look, by choosing warm neutrals and colors from nature. Try stone, beige, taupe, brown and even green. Your base colors should be ‘pale and interesting’ – but go for a splash of a bolder color for accents. Your accents can be as little or as much as you like. Try a vase, or cushions for quite a subtle introduction to color, or a whole wall or sofa, for a bigger statement! Only choose one color, or color group, for your accent color. Bright red is a good choice, or any other bright color. As an alternative, just choose a darker natural tone – a deep green or brown will always work well.

Modern Home Interior -wall-floor-color

Flooring, door and Window Accessories

Floor is a basic, while door and window accessories are some important element that should be focused in any home design project. Less is more with a minimalist style. Choose plain, wooden floors for a simple effect. But don’t forget to add a rug, for live-ability and style. Try to keep your window treatments simple too. Bare windows, shutters and blinds will give a very minimal look, but you might feel happier softening up the look a touch. Choose simple, neutral curtains or white floaty voiles, for an easy look. Naturally, accessories are not a major part of a modern minimalist look. But don’t just sweep the shelves bare…! By all means clear out the clutter, and have a god sort out, but remember that your minimalist interior design look does need a few, well-chosen, carefully positioned accessories, to complete the look, and make your house into a home.

Modern Home Interior lightingLighting

The last thing is the lighting system of the house, a sufficient lights can improve the value of the house, it also can make your room looks bigger than the real size, install the lamp in strategic location so it can give maximum lighting in every inch of the house.

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