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Interior Decorating Ideas on Reebok Shoes Retail Store

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Interior decorating ideas are the important thing in a store design, here is the sample of interior decorating ideas for Reebok Shoe Store in New York, the brand strategy services and the design of the interior of this new state-of-the-art flagship store that brings the excitement, speed and spirit of hockey to life.

retail store design

Interior decorating ideas should including all the materials that related with the theme of the building. The store’s design, materials and fixtures evoke a hockey arena and the game itself: white poured epoxy floors recall the ice rink, while custom-designed stainless and maple fixtures allude to skate blades and hockey sticks. Unique features engage consumers through the sights, sounds and action of the game, such as larger-than-life graphics of NHL players, a huge video wall, and an XM Satellite Radio on-air studio. via

modern retail store design

display design of reebok shoes Store

display with glass of store interior design

interior design ideas of retail store

After reading this article, I hope you will be inspired to design a better store design. Furthermore, if you want to download more inspiring store interior designs, you can get all the pictures at our gallery below:

Picture of Boutique Interiors

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