Cas Pla Ibiza Boutique Hotel Interior Design

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ibiza-charming-hotel-cas-pla-suite-1A family-based hotel is a hotel with a usual service with a simple decoration, so the guests feel that they are just living on their own house. This concept was adopted by Cas Pla Ibiza, a boutique hotel with simple decoration¬† but still provide a professional service include room service, wifi, children room, patio and pool. The hotel is located in San Miguel de Balanzat?, ?07811 Ibiza. A very attractive ex-farmhouse. It’s a secret hideaway with abundance of gardens, textures, colours, leafy plants and a large swimming pool.

ibiza charming hotel cas pla salon

ibiza-charming-boutiquecas-pla-room-3The most important thing in decorating a room is how to arrange the furniture and the decoration to get best performance on the function of the room and the spacious of the room. This boutique hotel used is decorated to get maximum spacious and light rooms. rag-rooled walls, leather sofas and wooden furniture with a eighties look-life decor.

ibiza-charming-hotel-cas-pla-room-4There is no restaurant but healthy breakfast on the terrace with striking views across forests and hills to the sea beyond. source


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