Bowker Velis Residence, A Contemporary Classic Apartment in New South Wales

BOWKER VELIS RESIDENCE living roomKeeping an extraordinary architecture of an early 20th century masterpiece on a contemporary is a difficult project, but archengine can do this well. This is the project of Bowker Velis Residence, a refurbishment of one of the tightly held apartments in the Kingsclere building as a perfect location for a successful joint venture between Archengine and Darryl Gordon Design. The interior is designed and dominated in white color and classic decoration.

BOWKER VELIS RESIDENCE kitchen BOWKER VELIS RESIDENCE home office with fireplaceWood floor and brown wall and furniture can bring the atmosphere of classic room, the room also completed a classic fireplace on the living room, bedroom and home office. BOWKER VELIS RESIDENCE bedroom with fireplace and indoor bathroom BOWKER VELIS RESIDENCE white bathroom with bathtub and wash basin

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