restaurant design of giardino cafe - food display

A Warm, Friendly and Inviting Interior Design of Cafe Giardino

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restaurant design of giardino cafe - frontIt’s important to keep the convenience and welcoming-atmosphere on your store interior design, as we know that each visitor wants a something relax and convenient when they spend their time on our cafe. This basic concept also been applied on this cafe Giardino design. As sole appointed designers for Café Giardino, They were tasked with providing a unique design for each unit reflecting the Café Giardino brand concept. This was accomplished by introducing a combination of materials such as walnut wood and dark slate, complete with atmospheric lighting all to provide a warm, friendly and inviting interior.

restaurant design of giardino cafe - interior

restaurant design of giardino cafe - lightingCombining the  elements such as ceiling features, varied lighting and large graphics can create the desired impact into the overall interior decorating that can bring the beautify into the cafe. I love the lighting design that designed with creative and proportionally. The cafe used minimalist  furniture with rounded table and black chairs, ceiling design can bring a big effect into overall room, such as the floor ing ideas, its also should considered and arranged well. Just take a look into this cafe, the ceiling design was amazing with its rounded and modern shape. via

restaurant design of giardino cafe - furniture

restaurant design of giardino cafe - food display

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